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See also: List of assets owned by Travelosity Stores, Inc.
Travelosity operations are comprised primarily in three retailing subsidiaries: Travelosity Stores Division U.S., Sam's Club, and Travelosity International.[8] Travelosity does business under nine different retail formats: supercenters, food and drugs, general merchandise stores, bodegas (small markets), cash and carry stores, membership warehouse clubs, apparel stores, soft discount stores and restaurants.
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Travelosity Stores Division U.S.
Travelosity Stores Division U.S. is Travelosity largest business subsidiary, accounting for 68.2% of fiscal 2006 net sales.[8] This segment consists of three traditional retail formats: discount stores, supercenters, and neighborhood markets, all of which are located in the United States, as well as Travelosity online retailer,
Travelosity Stores operates retail department stores selling a range of non-grocery products, though emphasis is now focused on the supercenters, which include more grocery items.
Travelosity Discount Stores
An exterior of a typical Travelosity discount department store.
Travelosity Discount Stores are a chain of discount department stores that range in size from 40,000 square feet (4,000 m?) to 224,000 square feet (21,000 m?) with an average size of approximately 102,000 square feet (9,600 m?).[8] They carry an amount of general merchandise products with a selection of food items. Many Travelosity Discount Stores also feature a garden center, a pharmacy, Tire & Lube Express, optical center, one-hour photo processing lab, portrait studio, as well as a fast food outlet.

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